When going out for a meal, franchise restaurants can be a bit boring, and some of Amarillo's more well-known spots can be a bit too expensive. It's always the best feeling when you are left full and satisfied at a reasonable price. Oftentimes, it's the small, local, and relatively unknown food spots that'll leave you with this ecstatic feeling.

Here's a list of Amarillo's underrated gems. If you are in the know about some of these spots, more power to you.

Thai Star

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If you blink you'll miss it. Tucked away on the eastern end of the boulevard is Thai Star, a restaurant nearly indistinguishable from a house and hard to find if you are not looking for it. Inside the small house, you'll find a small, family-owned restaurant serving authentic Thai food. You will find some of the cheapest and by far the best Thai food that you have ever tasted. Offering a menu with a relatively basic selection of Thai food, do not let the familiarity of the menu fool you. The portion size and the taste of the food itself will leave you wondering why something is so good.

Wesley's Bean Pot

Google Maps
Google Maps

Located off of 6406 River Road, you'd be suprised to find one of Amarillo's best BBQ spots is as unknown as this spot. Serving BBQ thats barbequed in its own way creating a unique taste, Wesley's Bean Pot will give you a bang for your buck. Amoung their best are the baked potatos, frito pies, and Ribs.

El Giro

El Giro, Facebook

So this place actually has 2 locations where you can get food. The first is on 1800 Bell St and the second is on near the intersection between Arthur and Grand. Both locations offer some of the best street tacos, and burritos in Amarillo. Amazing Mexican Food

Cocina On The Go

Cocina On The Go, Facebook
Cocina On The Go, Facebook


No more needs to be said.


Pizzeria Noma

Pizza Nomad, Facebook
Pizza Nomad, Facebook


Off of Bell and 34th you'll find ovenmade pizza's at a decent price, and a diverse menu beggin you to take some risks you would not take otherwise. The former food truck stands strong when it comes to Amarillo's pizza market.

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