The season of Halloween holds some of the best activities for friends and families: pumpkin carving, cornfield mazes, trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and for older crowds, haunted houses. Giving guests a fun spook has been the plan of haunted houses during the spooky season.

However, Tommy's Express Car Wash has a solution for those who may not be able to attend these scary sanctuaries during this season. Instead of a walk through a haunted house, why not cruise through one? From 7-10 pm on October 28th-31st, Tommy's Express Car Wash on 6010 Lowes Ln will be offering a haunted car wash experience for its guests in the Tunnel of Terror.


As you approach the car wash, customers will notice the change of scenery. Now heavily decorated and its employees in costume, everything proceeds as it would in a normal carwash. But as the dirt and grime are washed away from your car you may notice someone or..... something looming just out of view. Even if guests are in the safety and comfort of their cars, who knows how much of a thrill you may get to experience at this year's Tunnel of Terror.

The only thing that guests won't find terrifying at the Tunnel of Terror are the prices per vehicle. At $20, you can take a car full of family or friends at a relatively cheap price for a scare. What do you think you'll find in this year's Tunnel of Terror? Ghosts, ghouls, clowns... or something more sinister?

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