Getting ready for Bull's Hockey season is an important part of being a fan. When they are preparing to play you should be preparing to root. Nothing says lack of support like not being prepared. Here are some tips to lead the way.

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    Update Your Swag - Grab New Bulls Jersey

    Looking good for the game means looking like you're a part of the team. Nobody wants to see you in last year's swag. Real fans have home and away gear. The only exception to this rule is jersey's. Last year's jersey is usually just fine. But, if you want a new Jersey, they always have the hookup right outside the rink.

    Amarillo Bulls Hockey
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    Break Out The Car and Fan Flags In Support Of The Bulls

    Along with swag, flags and banners are important. Whether hung at the house or waved at the game get out these essential items a week or two before the first game. Check for worn and tattered flags and make repairs or discard as necessary. I fly seven flags at home and it's a big job to get those ready for the season. You don't want flags flying with wrinkles. Hang them for a day to help shake those out. Car flags are also important if you can find them, just don't roll down the windows on your way to the game. You can find all these items while at the Civic Center or at the Bulls Office: Amarillo Bulls Hockey - 301 Polk Street, Suite 101.

    Amarillo Bulls Hockey
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    Get Out The Hockey Temperature Gear

    We all know how cold it has to be to play hockey. You might want to take that into consideration and hook up a sweet "Players Jersey" as they are a lot thicker. It's also a good idea to get out the gloves, scarves and a warm hat. An emergency poncho is also a good investment. You get extra fan points if this is all Bull's apparel. It's not necessary though. Surviving to the end of the game, that's important.

    Amarillo Bull's Hockey
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    Connect With Like Minded Fans

    Whatever your favorite mode of social networking is, it's important to connect with like-minded fans. It's fun to sit with a group of strangers at the game but it's even better to establish a team mentality to support your favorite team. If you're looking for a place to meet more Amarillo Bulls Fans, look no further. Simply 'Like' the Bulls Fan Page and your set! Invite your friends and meet up at the game!

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    Suite Up & Show Up

    The promise of a new season is always fun. Hope and change follow every team embarking on a new campaign. Enjoy the game for what it is, a diversion. If you are there, cheering your heart out, then it's all worth it. Sometimes it may not equal a "W", but at least you had fun! Because that's the point right? To have a good time? At the end of the season you should be able to hold your head high and be proud of your team regardless of the outcome. After all you just spent a season cheering them on, right?