There's never been a better time to adopt a dog. Largely because there are a ton of dogs up for adoption in Amarillo.

A dog was recently found abandoned at Thompson Park. She was abandoned along with her litter of pups.

The dogs were found in a box next to "momma dog" two days after Christmas. The dumping of dogs is becoming a problem in the area, especially around Thompson Park.

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The adoption of the dogs is being handled by one of our local pet rescue groups, Texas Panhandle Pet Savers.

The adoption is $125. The cost includes shots, spay or neuter, and chip.

According to information passed along to me, this is a growing problem in the area. I was told that

What people fail to realize is these animals quite often end up hit, starved, picked up by dog fighters, diseased and eaten by coyotes in the area.

There are currently 7 boy and 3 girl pups left for adoption. You can find out more by contacting Texas Panhandle Pet Savers.

Here are some other places you can reach out to if you are looking to adopt a pet, or are needing a safe place to give yours.

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