Could the Dallas Cowboys be the new Chicago Cubs? Will there over a hundred years between NFL championships? Isn't Jerry Jones exhausted with the "L" tag? I sure am.

I knew the Cowboys season was over, in the first couple minutes of the second half. They looked terrible. The Poke's much-heralded defense was nowhere in sight and the Rams manhandled "Dem Boyz" to 30-22 lost. Don't let that fool you, and it was much worse, that the score would indicate.

Am I surprised they lost? Not at all. They have a very young team-not one of them is over 30. There will more opportunities, but not until September. Jerry Jones didn't want to talk to anyone after the game, and frankly, I didn't want to hear it either. I've heard anything he has to say. I've heard it, for over 20 years now.

What I am surprised about, is how utterly tone-deaf the Cowboys seem to be, If this mornings comments out of Frisco are to believed, Jason Garrett will be back. Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli will be back, as will the deservedly maligned Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan.  Why on earth, would Jason Garrett feel the need to say that, 48 hours, after the Cowboys loss?

Someone in Dallas, owes me and the rest of the Cowboys nation, an apology. Telling me that, the two coaches on the Cowboys I hold responsible for this season, will be back, isn't an apology. It's a threat. Wouldn't the Cowboys like a month to think about it? A month? Maybe even a week.

Jerry Jones counts on Cowboys fans coming back, year after year, regardless of the results. He counts, to fill his stadium, buy his merch, and watch his games. Not so fast JJ.

I'm a Cowboys fan until I die, but I'm not stupid, Nor am I to be taken for granted. I want a Cole Beasley jersey, but he may not be there next season. Sean Lee is going to "think" about coming back. Jeff Heath said, "It's something to be proud of." Yes, going to the playoffs is something to be proud of. So, is the NFL titles game, and winning the Super Bowl, is REALLY something to be proud of. Try it.

Jerry Jones and I, need a break. A separation. Some time apart, so I can find myself. He should hope, I don't "find myself" being a Chiefs fan next year, or New Orleans.

In fact, everyone at The Star in Frisco should think really hard, about what they say and do. Cowboys fans want another Lombardi trophy and we hope not to wait 100 years, to get it.

Mr. Jones (Jerry if you're nasty) is beginning to look his age. So am I. It's time to do, what needs to be done. Amari Cooper was a great start. Now let's "finish the fight" as Jason Garrett would say.

Jerry, your Cowboys have sprung a leak. Fix it, and do it soon, before we all run out of time.

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