Ever think to yourself how you wish you could own a home that's truly unique on both the outside and the inside. Well, there's a jail in Memphis, TX you can call your own for $197,000. This would definitely make for a very, very unique home.

Home Sweet Hall County Jail

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The jail is actually the old Hall County Jail located in Memphis, TX. It was established in 1915. It has held its fair share of inmates, and at one point the sheriff even lived on the property in the Sheriff's House.

The outside of the jail is what you would expect from 1915. There's big awnings and arches all made out of brick.

What To Expect Inside Your New Jail Themed Home

Over the years, the jail has done more than just house inmates. It has also been boutiques, and even a home. Yes, someone actually took the old jail and turned it into a single family home.

The photos are something you have to see.

First Floor of Your Jail Home

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The entryway is actually very nice. The downstairs includes a 3/4 bath with stacking washer and dryer, a bedroom with a walk in closet, an office, living and dining rooms, and kitchen.

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In the photos you can see the old metal staircase just off the entryway. Then, there's a big metal door that opens to a hallway that leads to the kitchen area. There's even big metal keys hanging on the wall in the hallway for effect.

Chad Holland Real Estate

Second Floor of Your Jail Home

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Once you're up the staircase, the second floor looks a lot more like a jail at first glance. Big metal doors lead to bedrooms and a master suite.

Yes, the jail cells on the second floor have been converted into bedrooms. Definitely gives off that Adams Family vibe if you've been looking for it.

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If you're sick of the kids getting up in the middle of the night to ask you for a glass of water, this could be a solution.

Hoosegow and Sheriff's House

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Not only do you get an entire jail for you and your family to enjoy, there's also the Hoosegow. It's separated into two areas, each with its own heavy metal door.

In case you aren't familiar with the term, hoosegow is just slang for...you guessed it...jail.

There's also the Sheriff's House on the property which the sheriff lived in at one point, which has recently been remodeled.

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