People's music tastes can be pretty subjective. some people like rap, others like pop, and then there are some people who enjoy more "experimental" sounding music. When it comes to music that sounds a bit more outlandish, albums like "Dark Side of The Moon" or "OK Computer" might come to mind.

But you will likely be surprised to find out that an entire experimental psychedelic rock album is devoted to a man-made landmark in good ol' Amarillo. And the best way to describe this album is......unique.

The Album titled " Amarillo Ramp (for Robert Smithson)" is a nearly 1 hour-long, 5-track album by Ray Lenaldo. The album features tracks ranging from a 30-minute electronic and instrumental soundscape to a John Lennon cover track.

The main focus of the album surrounds its title track "Amarillo Ramp (for Robert Smithson)" which is quite the listen for any music lovers.

This song goes on for 30 minutes and throughout its runtime listeners are subjected to various sounds and instruments, which are all noticeably altered. The feeling of this song changes multiple times, sounding beautiful at some moments, and then very eerie and strange at other moments,

According to the album description, the title track is an "extended evocation of the land artwork Amarillo Ramp, by American artist Robert Smithson".

The Amarillo Ramp 

The Amarillo Ramp, which is now located in a dry basin near Boys Ranch was the final creation of artist Robert Smithson. It was originally built in a body of water but as years passed it began to dry out, leaving it in the shape that it is not.

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Where To Listen 

Although you can listen to the title track of  "Amarillo Ramp (for Robert Smithson)" on YouTube, the rest of the full album can only be found on Bandcamp, where you can purchase it for a mere $8.

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