We brought buyers and sellers together one final time last Saturday.

It was the show that invited you to call in and list for sale the stuff you no longer needed for the cash we presumed you needed.  We did it for nine years.  Unfortunately there won’t be a 10th.


We always asked a poll question of our callers.  This week it was a softball question but that fit right in with the overall feel of the show.  We didn’t want to know if you’d made any money, we just wanted to know if you’d had a good time trying.

Were your entertained?

Yes 40

No 0

A rare unanimous vote.  We hope those of you that didn’t get to register a vote felt the same.


We had rules on Trade-A-Thon and we went over them at the beginning of each hour.  Along with the five regular rules, I always brought you a special Rule #6.  It changed every week.

I went through the last several years of shows.  The following are the best of the rules, without explanation and in no particular order.

Rule #6 It’s hard to drop stuff in the toilet when the lid is closed.

Rule #6 You can’t be a little bit racist.

Rule #6 When you are bored you are displaying a tremendous lack of creativity.

Rule #6 It the restaurant you wanted to eat at is too busy don’t go to the slow one next door.

Rule #6 Don’t beat up your mother.

Rule #6 Real men don’t watch parades.

Rule #6 A Q-tip is the only product to warn you not to use it for the reason you bought it.

Rule #6 A Texas man is not a real man if he doesn’t carry a knife.

Rule #6 Always pack extra toilet paper.

Rule #6 Don’t bob for apples unless you like dumping your head in a vat of other people’s facial filth.

Rule #6 Making fun of people is OK until you say it out loud.

Rule #6 Everything is better in a tortilla.

Rule #6 One of history’s iron laws is luxuries tend to become necessities.

Rule #6 Easter eggs are never brown.

Rule #6 It would be really helpful for all of us if you didn’t flip off the road construction workers.

Rule #6 Life is tough, wear a cup.  Whining gets you nowhere.

Rule #6 Don’t get arrested, jail radios don’t receive AM.

Rule #6 Don’t jump down the rabbit hole.

Rule #6 The free blankets may be laced with small pox.

Rule #6 Don’t ever say, “They couldn’t pay me to do this job”, because they won’t.

Rule #6 Don’t buy a hotdog at a hamburger stand.

Rule #6 Always be respectful to elves.

Rule #6 When the ladies ain’t happy, nobody is happy.

Rule #6 Don’t post pictures of half-eaten food on Facebook.

Rule #6 All restaurants should have a menu item called, “I don’t know”.

Rule #6 You can always trust a bad picture.

Rule #6 If it doesn’t include a hat, it isn’t a uniform.

Rule #6 Check your seat before you sit down at the rodeo.

Rule #6 Eat early in the week, when the grease is fresh.

Rule #6 If the disclaimer teaches you something you are too young to use the product.


That’s it, this post represents the absolute final act for The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon.  Please join us in thanking Erwin Pawn for nine great years of bringing buyers and sellers together.  Thanks to all our callers, from the first timers to the regulars, it wouldn’t have been a show without those busy phone lines.  Special thanks to Diane Abernathy and Porky and to the typists, too numerous to mention.

If you’re interested you can catch me weekdays from 3p-7p on Lonestar 98.7, Amarillo’s new home for Classic Rock.

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