We did a lot on Saturday but swimming wasn't one of them.

It's the show that hosts your buying, selling, and trading phone calls.  We bring buyers and sellers together every Saturday morning from 9-Noon.


We ask all our callers a poll question before the give their listing.  It provides a theme that ties our calls together.  This week, swimming was in the news.

The new Canyon Aqua Park has been delay, again.  It's now scheduled to open around July 4th.  It got us to wondering how long its been since you went swimming.

When was the last time you went swimming?

Answers from last week to 75 years ago.

It has been quite a few years for most of us.  For me it was 34 years ago, in 1983.  I used to attend White River Youth Camp near Spur, Texas.  Every day we had an hour to swim and that was the last time I did so.  I'm not much of a water person. I like to drink it, but not really swim in it.


Along with the regular rules of the program that we recite at the beginning of every hour, I always bring you a special Rule #6 that changes every week.  It is usually inspired by something that has happened to me over the previous week.

Last week I was talking to a friend who said his girlfriend had absolved him of buying her a birthday present.  I told him this meant one thing and he shouldn't listen to her and attempt something.

Rule #6 Your partner telling you not to get them anything for their birthday indicates you are a historically bad gift giver.

Go buy her a present and join us next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon!

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