Before the storms rolled in this afternoon, The Amarillo Area Corvette Club was able to host it's annual Vineyards Car Show in The Vineyards subdivision in North Amarillo. Organizers had a great turn out and the proceeds benefitted Our Children's Blessing and The Texas Panhandle 100 Club

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What makes shows like these so much fun is seeing the vehicles both old and new and some that you may not normally see.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

I'll admit I'm a GM F-Body fan so anytime there's a late 60's Camaro or Firebird at a show, it's like having a gravitational force pulling at me and I must take a look. But it was more than just that, The Nova next to this one was just as cool. but the real star of the show were the Corvettes.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Ohhhh yes... lots and lots of power here. The new 2021 edition of the vehicle is definitely a limited production run but what it delivers besides style is horsepower, torque, speed and lots of it. This is a vehicle that says don't you dare go easy on that gas pedal.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

It wasn't just muscle and pony, there were a few vehicles that show a different charm, This dune buggy is ready for a nice trip in the dirt and mud and in it's clean state is in a strange place.

There were a few food vendors on site and again the profits all went to great charities that certainly could use the help. If you happened to have been and want to share a few pics send us a nice note on our app. There's a few more pics we took, scroll on!

The 2021 Vineyards Car Show in Amarillo, Texas

After a one year break due to COVID-19, Vehicle owners were proud to show off their rides at the Vineyards Car Show hosted by the Amarillo Area Corvette Club.

Look At All The Pretty Classic Cars

The Polk Street Cruise is a beloved annual event where classic cars of all make and models slink across Downtown Amarillo for a crowd of bystanders to admire. And like many other events across the globe, the Polk Street Cruise skipped 2020 amid Covid-19 restrictions.

But nothing would stop this year's event, not even cloudy skies and rain. Amarillo's renowned Polk Street Cruise was on August, 7, 2021 and had a tremendous turnout. Did we happen to see you there?

43 Merion Pl

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