Anything is possible. Look no further than this video for proof.

Between flipping cars and burning couches and being tear-gassed by Lubbock SWAT, at least one Texas Tech fan decided to celebrate the men's basketball team's historic Final Four win by riding a Lime Scooter while it was on fire.

No, really.

KAMC sports reporter Eric Kelly captured the insane moment on video:

And for posterity (and to see who we'll recognize at the Lubbock Active Jail roster on Sunday), here's a group of Texas Tech fans flipping a car, and then jumping on top of it to sing Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road."

Following the incident on Broadway near University, the City of Lubbock issued a statement via Facebook:

After the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball team defeated Michigan State in a NCAA Championship Final Four game, hundreds of fans gathered on Broadway, near University. The crowd engaged in extremely dangerous, and disappointing behavior including vandalizing property. We are proud, and excited, for Texas Tech, but behavior like this will not be tolerated. We want Red Raider fans to support the team and celebrate lawfully and responsibly. We are on the national stage so make Lubbock proud.

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