It's a week that a lot of students dread, STAAR testing. Looks like at one school you have a massive incentive to do really good on the test.

If their was a day that I hated in school it was standardized test day. I don't know why, but these days felt like so much more pressure was on you as a student. Here in Texas we have the STAAR test. Good luck to all the students in our area that are taking this thing, I know it can be a little stressful. Don't worry, you got this!

However, I bet you wish you lived in the Southside ISD here in Texas this week. Over at Matthey Middle School, teacher Israel del Valle is offering something to his students that do well on the test. If you receive a perfect score, he will give you $1,000. That's right, out of his own pocket. He says he is prepared to get a second job to pay his students off if he needs to.

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Israel says he thinks eight of his students legitimately have a chance of getting a perfect score. He has 120 students in total that you would possibly have to pay. “I’m hoping they blow out my expectations,” he said. “Joking around this week, I keep telling them, you’re going to make me broke. You’re going to make be broke. But, they’re excited to kind of push me and I’m excited to make it happen. And for all reasons, if I’m going to have to take out a loan or go into debt for these kids, it’s definitely worth it.”

What I think is even cooler, if they miss five questions or less, they’ll get $100. If they miss 14 or less, they’ll get $50. So even if you're not perfect, you still have a chance. Israel del Valle was the Southside ISD teacher of the year in 2021 and I can see why. You can tell he truly wants his kids to do well, even if a bribe motivates them to study even harder.

I know I would have paid attention more in school if $1,000 was on the line.

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