These Ted Cruz articles are fun to write because of the reaction they get from people who still support this piece of human slime. If you came here from Facebook, head on back to the post and you'll likely see comments similar to the following:

  • Leftist-ass Buzz spewing his garbage lies again. (For some reason people think that all the articles on the Buzz Adams website are written by Buzz, when in fact he writes the least out of all of us.)
  • But what about Cuomo?! Or Hillary?! (Yes, because the best defense is pointing the finger somewhere else.)
  • Ugh, I remember when this used to be a rock station. (We do play rock, but we also talk about everything else during our 5 hour show. If you want "rock talk", be sure to check out the Rockstar 101 Podcast.)

There are usually far more typos and grammatical errors on the actual Facebook page though. I wonder how many of them will actually read this article. For anyone who is here CLICK HERE to check out the full story on Andrew Cuomo. Of course, we have talked about this story on the air but that doesn't really mean anything to people who want to argue the point that we only mock the right. Oh, in case you were wondering, Buzz is a registered Republican and I'm a registered Independent.

So anyway, why are you here? Most likely because there are Ted Cruz piñatas now. CLICK HERE to see the piñata of Rafael himself. You can check out the company's Facebook page by CLICKING HERE, and you'll notice they don't really care which side of he aisle you're on. They also made a Bernie Sanders piñatas.

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