Times are tough.  Tough for you, tough for me and downright desperate for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

There are over 90 state parks in Texas and the department is struggling to maintain them in the face of a large budget cut.  Combine that will the numerous natural calamities that our state has faced over the last fourteen months and you have a real problem.

Some see solving that problem by selling corporate sponsorships for our state parks.

A recently passed bill has made proper the agency's efforts to seek funding by selling on the departments name and compensating for the shortfall.

Hotel partnerships, corporate branded products and credit cards depicting the various parks of Texas are envisioned.

But really, why stop there?

At Palo Duro Canyon we've got a gold mine.  They could sell corporate billboards on every cliff, ravine and sunset.  They could spray paint corporate logos on the plumage of the various bird species out there.  And doll up park rangers in uniforms resembling NASCAR fire suits.



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