"Nothing good ever happens after midnight". Remember that one? Maybe your parents or Grandparents use to tell ya that? Well, today there is one more Texan who may agree with that sentiment.



Late Night Allegator Encounter

In the middle of the night last night over in Montgomery County, a motorist was headed down Grand Parkway over the San Jacinto River when they struck a massive object that caused extensive damage to the vehicle. Imagine the driver's surprise when they realized it was a 10-foot, 300lbs alligator! The animal did not survive the impact.

The driver did not stop to avoid the reptile, and it's unclear if that person saw the gator before impact or not. ABC13 reports that the driver did not stop after hitting the alligator, but the impact of the collision caused so much damage to the car that the driver was forced to pull over not log after striking the animal.

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How to remove a 300lbs Alligator from the scene of an accident

Authorities in Montgomery County decided a flatbed tow truck would be the best way to remove the alligator from the scene of the accident. Living in south Texas it really seems like there are alligators in the news almost on a weekly basis. If you think back far enough they were actually on the Texas endangered species list at one time. They were taken off the list by 1985 and are still protected in many ways by our state's laws.

When to call the authorities about an Alligator

Authorities in Texas say you should call for help if you notice an Alligator on an area road or highway. Consider calling the authorities if you notice an Alligator consistently following a watercraft without submerging below the water. You should also call the authorities if you notice an Alligator who is not scared off by humans but instead is hanging around extra close to you or your family. The first person to consider contacting is your local game warden with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. If they are not available call local law enforcement.

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