Having "backyard chickens" is already a reality in most of the state, with cities making the rules. Some of our elected officials want to do away with bans across the state.

An experience I've had with a neighbor in the past has me hoping this thing fails. Maybe I just won the lotto when it comes to "worst neighbors ever."

The first problem was my “off the grid” neighbor building the coop. He didn’t have his own fence, so it butted up right against mine. I came home from a weekend trip to find a chicken coop attached to my fence.

Then there was the rooster. Whenever that Foghorn Leghorn POS felt like, he would squawk to let the rest of the small municipality know that he (the rooster) was still alive.

We can't forget the smell. There was a portion of my yard I just avoided, because it reeked near the coop.

Some of the regulations included in the legislation would help ease some of the pains I went through. Still, if you want to be a freaking farmer or own livestock…move to a freaking farm. Don’t make my backyard part of some sick fantasy you have about being “Old McDonald”, or fighting back against "big-poultry."

If you want fresh eggs, go buy them. There are fresh egg dealers in the area. Here’s a link for you to use to start your search (click HERE). You’re welcome.

The other concern was regarding Ag students or 4H members. Where I grew up, Ag students and 4H members had an AG BARN where we kept our pigs, calves, chickens, roosters, and sheep. If your student doesn’t have that availability, have a bake sale or three until you get the funds to build one.

I can understand someone wanting to have chickens. There just needs to be regulations in place that honor not only the owner of the chickens, but their neighbors as well.


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