I know this sounds like a stupid idea, but this is actually a good thing.

Texas has got so many beautiful state parks to go check out and the good thing is people are actually spending a lot of time at the parks. In fact, in some parks, people are actually getting turned away because the parks are so full. This has been happening at the weekends at parks throughout our state.

Sucks people have to find something else to do, but I am glad to see so many people are getting out to check out our State. Texas Parks and Wildlife has made the decision to add reservations starting in 2019 to visit State Parks. The system allows you to pick your site, sign up for a specific day or weekend to ensure your access to a park and then buy a parking pass.

This is in effect at some already but will be mandatory for all state parks next year. The goal is to allow visitors to skip walking into a building on-site and then deciding where to park, how much everything costs and how long you can be there. “Definitely, we have seen an increase at our parks," Stephanie Garcia, a spokesperson with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said. "People will be able to enjoy the park and not have to worry about if, 'Will I get in or will I not get in?'"

In our area, we have two state parks. In Wichita Falls, we have Lake Arrowhead State Park and to the west, in Quanah, they have Copper Breaks State Park. Be ready to take advantage of the new system before you go. I know some people think this is a hassle, but I think it will be a smoother process in the long run.

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