In what looks to be a pretty hilarious show of school spirit, the Texas high school, Midland High School recently took to Facebook to rally its football fans for an upcoming game against the Amarillo High Sandies. The rallying cry? Dress up like Adam Sandler to "Out Sandler the Sandies."

The goal is to create a sea of Sandlers in the stands, bringing an energy that might be enough to beat Amarillo's Sandies. It is yet to be seen whether this Sandler strategy will leave Amarillo High's football team in awe, laughter, or both.

Judging by the images of Adam Sandler used in the Facebook post, we can guess that Midland High does not mean for its supporters to dress like a waterboy or a wedding singer. Instead, they may be opting for fans to replicate Adam Sandler's more iconic casual cozy streetwear that has become well-known among his fans online.

You gotta give it to Midland, this challenge is like no other. Whether they win on the field or not, one thing is for sure: Midland High School is already winning when it comes to school spirit and creativity.

Whether the Amarillo Sandies have their own humorous response to the army of Adam Sandlers that will be supporting Midland is currently unknown. But the idea of an entire section of fans adorned in Sandler-inspired attire sounds like a pretty intimidating sight.

As September 8th approaches, it's safe to say that Midland High School fans are ready to take on the Amarillo High Sandies while donning the attire of one of America's most iconic comedians.

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