So one thing we never really got when I lived in Austin were community parades. It just seemed like no one cared about them.

Moving to Amarillo has brought those parades out in full force for our family, and the Tascosa Homecoming parade last night was pretty cool.

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It was most definitely a themed parade, and my wife and I truly appreciated what it was. They took it back and made it an 80's movie theme, and I gotta tell ya some of these floats were super creative.

I start off with what was probably the most popular movie used in the parade, and that was Top Gun. I know it's an 80's cult classic, and one of my faves from the era too, but it really felt like every third float was Top Gun. That's not to say it wasn't creative, some of them had full on airman jumpers just like Maverick and Goose, so for that I give them props. However, I think I've had my fill of Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" for the next 20 years.

Another popular one was Back To The Future. This one wasn't as used as the Top Gun theme, but it was definitely in there a bit more than others. Some of the floats got super creative with it and built out some pretty cool things to really sell it.


My oldest son got to be a part of the parade (he's in 5th grade) and his school went with a Beetlejuice theme. They were the only ones to grab that flick, and all the kids got full on dressed up for it. Nothing like a float of 5th graders looking like Beetlejuice to creep you out a bit.

The float that had to take the cake for me though was more of a "gathering" than a float, but big shout out to the Tascosa Golf Team (boys and girls) as they naturally went with Caddyshack. All the players were rolling through the parade on golf carts, wearing Bushwood Country Club Caddy Day Tournament shirts with (who I'm assuming was) their coach on the back of one of the carts dressed up like Bill Murray's character as the groundskeeper, Carl Spackler. This one was hands down my fave of the evening.

Other movies that I can remember being represented in the parade were The Goonies, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Footloose. I'm sure there were others I can't remember.

Homecoming king and queen nominees were present on some pretty slick looking cars, the boys basketball team dribbled their way through the parade, the band played loud and the cheer and dance teams made plenty of noise.


Oh yeah, there was plenty of candy thrown too. As you can see, my youngest is went home with a haul bigger than he typically gets on Halloween.

Kudos to Tascosa for having so much fun with the parade, and for making it enjoyable for all us watchers!

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