wild fires

3 Fire Fighters Injured In Blazes This Weekend
As fires erupted South of Amarillo again this weekend, 3 local fire fighters suffered minor injuries battling the blaze. It seems the moment we think we are getting a break from these fires, there is an alert on the radio stating there is another one.
Amarillo Area Counties Ban The Use And Sale Of Fireworks
The question has been up in the air for a while now and we have now gotten our answer. Potter, Carson and Armstrong counties have temporarily banned the sale and use of any fireworks. These counties made a disaster declaration to Perry, and waiting on approval for a 30 day extension to reach through…
Amarillo Home & Land Owners Survey Damage From Weeks Wildfires
As much of the country deals with the aftermath of massive floods and tornado wreckage, Amarillo residents and land owners survey the damage resulting from the massive wildfires over the last week. Houses burned to the ground, multiple evacuations and the fear that it could continue keep Amarillo ar…
Grass Fires Leave Amarillo Area Scorched And Smoldering
This weeks fires have left the Amarillo landscape changed, at least for a while. Huge areas are scorched and smoldering after fires have raged in the area. Residents were evacuated from LaPaloma and the surrounding area yesterday as fires threatened that community. For now, everything has calmed dow…
Fire Threat Level High
In the wake of the recent Amarillo Wildfires, the fire threat level has been raised for Thursday in the panhandle. The National Weather Service has issued a fire weather watch.