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Cornyn Calls On Biden To Present Border Plan
President Joe Biden will deliver a primetime speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. Technically, it's not a State of the Union Address, but it will look and feel like one and it could be just as important.
Biden isn't a President who is seen very much by the public and there ar…
Is Biden Really In Charge? Cornyn Blasted Over Tweet
Is he really in charge?
It used to be okay for politicians and those in the media to question the mental well-being of a President. It used to be okay for the media and D.C. politicians to question whether or not a President was actually in control of his own administration or if someone else, or wor…
Congratulations To Joe Biden, Top Gun Salesman Of March
I’m beginning to think that President Joe Biden has a hidden talent for sales. For years, former President Barack Obama was known as the top gun salesman, but Biden might just be a better salesman for guns. According to the Washington Examiner, for the second time in three months, th…

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