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Texas Border Wall Fundraising Tops $450k In One Week
Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently announced that the State of Texas would begin raising money to build a border wall in Texas. The Governor also announced that the State would put forward $250 million to get things moving on the wall, but there is still no timeline or even final cost for the proje…
Does Texas Governor Greg Abbott Deserve To Be Reelected?
It's a question voters will decided first in the Republican primary and then in the general election. Does Texas Governor Greg Abbott deserve to be reelected?
A new poll from left-leaning Quinnipiac shows Texas voters are split about whether or not Governor Greg Abbott should be reelected...
Here Is Why #AbbottHatesDogs Is Trending On Twitter
I'm not if you have come to realize this or not, but sometimes, social media can be a very dramatic place. It's also a place that doesn't always give the full story as to why something is trending.
On Tuesday, the hashtag, #AbbottHatesDog was trending all over Twitter...

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