TikTok was down the other day! I tried not to panic, but for a moment there I did worry that my favorite TikToks were forever lost. I decided to take a nap and wait for it all to blow over. It did. TikTok was up and running when I woke up from nap.

As I happily opened up the app and started scrolling, I found the most delightful TikTok from the sweetest lady this side of the Mississippi. Her name is Melanie Mitchum, she's a sign language interpreter and her content is the cutest thing ever. She mainly tells cute little jokes (sometimes dad jokes) and is all around pure, innocent content.

One of her latest TikToks is her in her car, giving all of us Texans a reason to actually love the Texas heat, if you can believe it!

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The TikTok starts out innocent enough, and then it takes a turn that every true crime lover would appreciate:

This is the "glass half full" energy I need in my life right now, especially in this heat!

I know that El Paso has had it pretty good lately, with the rain and all, but it certainly has me dreading the rest of the summer, when the rain is gone and the humidity and the actual dry heat settles back in. It's awful, but if anything, we all know that staying in the backseat in this heat would deter any killer! So thank you, Miss Melanie, for giving us the silver lining to this Texas heat!

If you need another little laugh from Melanie, check out this punny TikTok she made about sweaters in Texas!

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