There is so much craziness that happens towards the last few games left during the NFL season. We have all seen it with our own eyes from videos that go viral of people blowing up over their NFL team losing. If you have ever wondered as I have about which NFL fans are the sorest losers you can somewhat put that thought to rest now.

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Last year in December I had written an article asking you to place your vote on which NFL team's fans you believe are the sorest losers. Now the majority of the vote went to Dallas Cowboys in the poll I created last year.

About 63% of you clicked on the Dallas Cowboys tab claiming their fans are the sorest losers. Now I honestly believed people just hate on the Dallas Cowboys but it turns out that tons of other people out there feel just the same as you.

USBets created a survey asking people to vote for which NFL team's fans that take a team's loss the hardest. Over 2,000 NFL fans that took the survey voted and according to the survey, it says Dallas Cowboys fans are the sorest losers.

But there is plenty of evidence we have seen go viral showing Dallas Cowboys fans proving they in fact are the sorest losers. For example, the video Jane Slater shared on Twitter of Dallas Cowboys fans throwing stuff at their own favorite players, below.

via USBets
via USBets

You can also see where other NFL teams ranked on the poll for which NFL fans have the sorest losers by clicking here. But when you check out the rest of the survey the fans of the teams that are not at the top of the list are sure feeling proud.

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