Everyone knows that technology has and continues to evolve at an alarming rate. Over time in the 'Digital Age' I have noticed that either companies adapt to these changes or end up obsolete.

I find this to be truly apparent in the cable/satellite television industry. Many companies wait too long and then begin to play catch-up. As you can tell by some empty video stores in Amarillo, it just doesn’t work that way.

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial to a business strategy and the absolute lifeline for any company centered in technology and home entertainment. There are some companies that have really set themselves apart in this aspect and Suddenlink is a great example.

Yes, Suddenlink is one of our endorsement providers, but their product lives up to every testimonial given. They are by far the best provider of cable television, high speed internet and business solutions as well as phone service.

If you ask anyone who has the fastest internet in town, without a doubt you will hear a resounding Suddenlink. What people may not be familiar with is the fact that their cable services and equipment are cutting edge and updated as technology dictates.

For example, I love to log onto Suddenlink2Go and watch ALL of my favorite shows directly from my Android Tablet. Here’s the cool part. I can watch on my Android, my wife can be fiddling around on facebook, our kid is streaming Netflix on our xbox while recording our favorite shows on our Tivo. All with NO LAG. That is an example of exactly how fast Suddenlink’s internet service is.

Right now, they are offering you the hookup as well. It is what they call the “Red Tag Event”.

  • Get Advanced Digital TV with FREE HD and FREE Video On Demand for as low as $30 a month when you bundle!
  • Get Suddenlink High Speed Internet for $15 when you bundle!
  • Get Suddenlink Home Phone for $20 for LIFE when you bundle!


That is all three services for $65! Take it from me, a loyal Suddenlink customer. You CAN NOT beat this deal!