Steven Tyler, the NFL and anybody that had anything to do with him performing the National Anthem before Sunday's New England vs. Baltimore game are under fire for selecting the singer for Aerosmith and current host of American Idol.

Being a longtime Aerosmith fan I met the news that Tyler was joining American Idol with some dismay.  I really didn't think the show would reflect well for him but judging by the ratings he hasn't hurt things one bit.

I tuned in to watch the AFC Championship game and was surprised to see Tyler at the podium to perform the National Anthem.  Again trepidation filled my heart as I thought this could not end well for him, the game or the country.

Afterwards I thought he did a solid job.  Yes, he did change one word or two and he screeched at one point.  But it's STEVEN TYLER!  Have you listened to Aerosmith, ever?

But outrage knows no bounds and America is up in arms over his performance. I'm not one of them.  As far as I'm concerned he can go to Hollywood.