I'm not one to write about gas stations, I don't think there's many folks out there who generally show any kind of interest in one unless we are talking about Buc-ee's, The Czech Stop, Slovacek's or even Eskimo Joe's in Oklahoma. But hear me out. The Station here in Amarillo is definitely worth putting on your radar.

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Yes It's a Gas Station

Sean Gallup

The Station is located on the northeast corner of the Canyon E-way and McCormick and if you need gas for your car there is no doubt you will find what you need and the prices are what they are. Not much to write about here but here's where it gets to be fun.

Tacos, Burritos and More

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Walk in through the north set of doors which open automatically for you, a nice feature and cool touch by the way, and you are immediately greeted with a grab and go taco stand featuring both Beef and Chicken Fajita Burritos, Tacos of various meats including Chorizo which is a rare welcome find among fast food and if you don't see what you like well...

You Can Customize

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Yep, you can build your own taco or burrito to your own liking and the options are pretty solid, I was able to build my own beef burrito with just the way I liked and the wait was pretty short. The flavor was certainly there and it didn't have that fresh from the microwave nuked taste but rather fresh and delicious. Other meal choices include chicken tenders and plenty of baked goods as well.

Washing it down

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Naturally when you get something to munch down on the next thought is you gotta wash it down, again The Station delivers here, There are 15 different varieties of Tea to add to your meal. I'll admit I've never been to a part of the state that has been so obsessed with flavored tea as the panhandle. It's actually enjoyable and adds variety. If you need a good soda, the fountain has just as many options all with crushed ice that's nice and chewy if you're all about that.

You gotta see the Jerky Wall

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Ok, I'm a jerky fan and I like what I see here, Besides the usual beef choices there's plenty of exotic game here like gator, duck, kangaroo and many other critters for you to enjoy. Snack choices are legit here too.

The Rest

Ok, let's not lie here, the reason some of us stop is simply for the bathroom. The facilities here were clean and in good order. Rest Easy. The Station is well staffed and the crew was friendly and attentive.

Naturally because of it's affiliation with Eskimo Hut you can also get your daquiri on here as well. It is my hope that they expand this concept into Amarillo proper soon and if they can figure out how to bring brisket into the taco game it might just be my new daily stop.

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