The college football season has been affected greatly by the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, by hook or crook or should I say by testing, testing, and more testing for the virus we did have a season and on Monday we hope to crown a national champion when the University of Alabama faces Ohio State.

However, there are some troubling reports circulating around the Buckeye program. 

Dan Patrick said on his national show that the Buckeyes are very close to the availability limit to play Monday's game. The biggest concern is at the defensive line position.

There are provisions in place that could move Monday's championship game to January 18th should either Alabama or Ohio State have an issue with the coronavirus. According to the Dan Patrick Show, it's the Big 10 Conference that is pushing to postpone the game and not Ohio State University.

Ralph D. Russo is a sportswriter for the Associated Press and he tweeted this about the Ohio State COVID situation on Wednesday.

I certainly hope that the players from both universities are minding their business when it comes to protecting themselves and others from the virus. While player health is certainly at the forefront of the discussion, I do think the national mindset would absolutely lose it if the game was postponed.

If it is it would certainly play into the theory that the NCAA is coddling Ohio State. I mean they let them into the championship playoff after only playing five games. Some people are still upset about that, I'm looking at you Texas A&M.

Now, if the championship game is postponed because Ohio State couldn't field a team you'll be able to hear the cries of favoritism being screamed from across the country. Which is kind of a shame.

Ohio State is a great football program that annually plays a very weak schedule in the Big 10. However, the Buckeyes soundly defeated a great Clemson team last week, so they are for real. I don't think they are any match for Nick Saban's Crimson Tide. Alabama has been made an 8-point favorite in the game by Vegas oddsmakers.

I think the Tide will roll handily whenever they play Ohio State. I just hope they play the game this Monday so we can move on from the pandemic season and get ready for the NFL playoffs which begin this weekend.

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