After 20 long years, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq has come to and end as far as the United States' involvement overseas.

All personal opinions of how the withdrawl of troops was handled aside, one of the most important things we can do is to honor the servicemen who did return home.

This is about the men and women who took countless tours of duty overseas in service of our country. Their sacrifices are why we have what we have today, and continue to have those things.

Joining the military is not uncommon for our culture. So there is a good chance that a family member or loved one is a servicemember--I know I have many in my family who have served in the military. It is a point of pride for us.

Enlisting in the military inherently carries the risk of being killed in action or injured while carrying out combat operations. It is the price of war and a secure nation. But while the risk is understood, the loss of a loved one killed in action is profound.

On the long list of casualties from the United State's involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, there are 13 of these U.S. Servicemembers who were once native sons of the Texas Panhandle. And it is our duty, patriotic obligation, and distinct honor to pay our respects to the men who grew up beside us and laid down their lives for us.

13 U.S. Service Members From the Texas Panhandle Killed During the War in Afghanistan and Iraq

These 13 U.S. service members are the Texas Panhandle's native sons who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country during the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We are honored to call them one of our own and we are eternally grateful for their service. As you scroll through the photos, we ask you to honor their memory and loss felt by their loved ones.

With honor and valor, we salute the 13 men of the Texas Panhandle who gave their lives for this country.

Information gathered from Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

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