A Qdoba in Louisville, Ken., is upping the eating experience.

A former employee at the Qdoba was captured on cell phone video feeding a disabled woman who had become a regular at the restaurant.

Ridge Quarles is the worker who came to the aid of the unidentified woman. He said, "She didn't get to get out of her house very often, but whenever she did, she always told me, 'Ridge, this is my most favorite place to eat.'"

On the day in question, the interaction took a turn for the humane, according to Quarles:

I had helped her through (the) line and sat her out in the lobby, got her a drink, got her utensils and napkin and kind of started to walk off and I was like, you know, 'Is there anything else I can help you with?' and she turned around and she was like, 'Sir, if you don't mind could you help me eat?'"

Without a second's thought, Quarles did just that and another customer whipped out his cell phone to record it.

For Quarles, it was a no-brainer. "I mean, she needs help and if I wasn't going to do it, no one was. Who else is going to do it?"

Quarles has actually left Qdoba to take a different job, but he says his time there was positive, with him having gotten to know several regulars.

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