Let's just jump into the business end of the Patrick Mahomes draft pool:

I already wrote these first two throws up, but they are worth another look...or seven.

We already know Patrick Mahomes has a big arm, but do you know what that means?

It's like ESPN is just figuring out the Texas Tech offense is really good. Elite, even.

Patrick Mahomes debuted his full episode of "Jon Gruden's QB Camp" last night, and it included pool noodles and country music.

THE NUMBER ONE OVERALL PICK? Is this a real tweet?

A team we haven't discussed much as a possibility for Patrick Mahomes is the New York Jets. Adam Schefter, take it away:

And more Kansas City Chiefs talk for Mahomes:

The other New York team is doing their due diligence.

Houston is still in on Mahomes as well.

This seems to be the consensus for most "experts" on Mahomes. He's not the best quarterback in the draft, but he's the best prospect.

And this great "24 Hours" article from MMQB takes you through the entire day before Mahomes' pro day.

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