Patrick Mahomes has had a crazy 2020. I know...everyone has.

Mahomes has been on the opposite end of the crazy spectrum, though. He opened 2020 by winning a Super Bowl and being named MVP. He stacked a few more endorsements onto his portfolio, then he signed the richest contract in professional sports.

That's just a fraction of the things he's accomplished in his 24th year on Earth.

Now, we can add two more things to the list: professional sports team owner, and Ferrari owner.

Mahomes was announced as a part-owner of the Royals Tuesday afternoon (July 28th) in a press release.

The financial details of the deal weren't included, but I doubt Mahomes bought a major stake in the team. He'll be a promotional tool more than anything else. But If I had Mahomes' money, I'd be doing the same exact thing.

I bet he also gets a parking spot at the Royals' baseball stadium.

That parking spot will be perfect for his new Ferrari.

He's just flaunting it at this point, right? Buying stake in a baseball team and a Ferrari in the same week? Mahomes is just tossing money right now. Don't worry, though, he's got plenty, and I'm sure he got a really good deal on that car. By the way, the MSRP on a 2020 Ferrari clocks in at the $250,000-$350,000 range.

It's important to also note that Mahomes is just 24 years old. That makes him the youngest professional sports team owner ever.

Stay hot, Patrick.

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