They say the sins of the father will be visited upon the son. Now, it’s about to go the other way.

Monona, Wisconsin has passed a new “parent-liability” ordinance in which parents can be fined if their child bullies a classmate.

Parents will have to cough up $114 for the first offense and $177 for anything after that if it takes places within a year of the first incident.

The town doesn’t plan to just hand out fines like parking tickets, though. Police chief Wally Ostrenga says it will only be handed down when parents are not making any effort to address their children’s behavior:

Sometimes you’ll knock on someone’s door and they won’t want to talk to you — their kids are perfect, they could never do anything wrong. This is for those times when we get the door slammed in our faces.”

Before getting a ticket, parents will have to have received a written warning of another instance where their kids bullied. The ordinance also will not apply to any child under the age of 12.


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