Ah, board games. If you come from a family that enjoys playing the occasional board game together, then you understand the fine line between 'family bonding time' and 'total mutiny within the home'.

Scrabble is usually safe, you spend too much time racking your brain for those vocabulary words you learned in school. Jenga typically falls in green area, everyone is too giddy with giggles and adrenaline to consider acts of violence against a sibling.

Monopoly though....

I'm convinced that Monopoly is the game that shows your family members for who they really are. My sweet little sister who who volunteers at nursing homes and soup kitchens? Don't be fooled, get in a game of Monopoly and she'll have you in a chokehold of calculated greed and taxation.

The masks come off, y'all.

Anyway, that's why I always like seeing localized versions of Monopoly come out. And here recently, they've rolled out one for good ol' Pampa.


No, this isn't a joke. Pampa-Opoly is currently on the shelfs at the local Walmart. It even includes real street names and locations. Never mind that they got a few things wrong--such as the misspelled Alcock street as pointed out by some commenters.

I say it's part of that old fashioned Pampa charm.

And charm is exactly what other residents seem to appreciate about their fair city's board game, as you can see from this gentleman's reaction.

But look, all jokes aside....I'd play some Pampa-Opoly. And i'd definitely purchase it as a gift for the friends I have who hail from there. I'm a big fan of these localized versions of the classic game known to tear families apart.

Hasbro has actually made a handful of Monopoly spinoffs based on cities throughout the U.S. In fact, they rolled out an Amarillo version of the board game during the early days of the 2020 pandemic (very savvy marketing, if you ask me).

Walmart Tampa - 1505 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Facebook
Walmart Tampa - 1505 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Facebook

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if this could somehow be an insidious scheme to dismantle the American family unit by selling these localized versions of a board game already infamous for turning blood relatives against each other for the sake of Capitalist greed....

Hey, you never know

Anyway, from what it sounds like, the game of Pampa-Opoly is of limited stock. So if you're a Gray county resident, hurry to Walmart and snatch one up for yourself.

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