Amarillo's HOODO Murual Fest is almost here and if you're enjoying art, music or just having a good time, this is definitely something to be excited about.

On September 30, starting at 3 P.M. HOODO Mural Fest will begin, showcasing a lengthy lineup of local artists who will be performing on the two stages set up this year. Another important aspect of this festival that you won't want to miss is the lengthy showcase of mural artists, whose work will be on display for everyone to see.

And there will be more than just music and art to enjoy. Food trucks and local vendors will also be present, offering festival-goers a wide array of things to check out. Whether you're craving a delicious meal from one of the food trucks or looking to browse through the unique offerings of local artisans, there will be something for everyone to savor and enjoy

Watching HOODO Mural Fest get bigger and bigger every year is honestly an exciting and hopeful thing to see for the city of Amarillo. As one of the hallmarks of Amarillo music events, this is such a joy to see.
As of right now, VIP tickets are sold out but general admission tickets are still on sale for $40 per person on their website.  Tickets are also available for purchase at Caliche Co., The Reserve by H. Reese Beddingfield in Amarillo, and at the festival gates on the day of the festival.

It's not too often that Amarillo is the epicenter of large artistic events, but events like these definitely show that this city has so much more to offer from its artistic side. So be sure to come support and enjoy.

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