President Obama is so far off base it's not even funny. He doesn't even realize the amount of drugs and illegals coming across the Texas/Mexico border alone. Instead he campaigns for his re-election and ignores reports. The fact that the media is under-reporting how porous our borders are doesn't shock me. Looks like they are back to the same tactics as when he ran for president.

Republicans immediately fired back against President Obama after he claimed Tuesday that the U.S. border with Mexico has improved since he took office.

Obama made the comment during his first trip to the U.S.-Mexico border as commander-in-chief, where he called on Congress to pass sweeping legislation that would remake the nation's immigration system.

Countering Republican calls to focus on border security before moving to a comprehensive overhaul, Obama said in his speech to an enthusiastic crowd in the politically unfriendly territory of El Paso, Texas, that their demands have been more than met by his administration but "they'll never be satisfied."

He boasted of increasing border patrol agents, nearing completion of a border fence, and screening more cargo.

"We have gone above and beyond what was requested by the very Republicans who said they supported broader reform as long as we got serious about enforcement," Obama said. "But even though we've answered these concerns, I gotta say I suspect there are still going to be some who are trying to move the goal posts on us one more time."

"Maybe they'll need a moat," Obama said mockingly to laughter from the crowd. "Maybe they'll want alligators in the moat."

To top it off, Obama brought up the fact that Intel, Google, Yahoo and eBay were all founded by immigrants. Ok, let's be completely honest. No-one is under the impression that these companies - or any others like it - were founded by an immigrant who illegally crossed our border and breaks the law.