Just pose as a construction company and you get money sent your way.

61-year-old Donald Howard Conkright has been charged with wire fraud and was arrested on December 13 for conning the Crowley ISD in North Texas. Conkright is actually all the way in Florida and was posing as Steele & Freeman, Incorporated. Which is a construction company the school had recently used.

This interaction happened back in October in an email. The director of accounting for Crowley ISD received an email that appeared to be from an accountant at Steele & Freeman. The email claimed it was providing updated banking information for Steele & Freeman for payments the school district owed them. The school district sent a payment of $522,588.98 to the new bank account on Nov. 13. The next day, the school district sent the bank account more than $1.4 million, court documents say.

The FBI would get involved in this fraud case and Conkright has no connection to Steele & Freeman or the school district. The new account information provided was Conkright's bank account. Conkright tried to move the money around and purchased some things along the way.

He allegedly bought some Rolex watches and a 2018 BMW M3. Crowley ISD lost a total $1,995,715. That is a lot of money for the school district to lose and I am sure some people are going to lose some jobs as a result of this.

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