Recently, Dumas joined in with some other school districts in Texas (and the country) in tightening up their dress codes.

While we can understand SOME of the dress codes, there was this one addition to the list that had people up in arms.

Dumas ISD decided to ban all ripped or torn jeans. No really, we wrote about it here.

Here's a minor issue with that. The ripped and torn look is all the rage right now. Any store you go shopping for back-to-school clothes at is LOADED with these styles of jeans.

Look, I can understand MAYBE the ones that have like half the jeans missing because the holes are so large you can see someone's entire thigh, but just normal holes created by the designer? Come on.

Well, it's created a bit of a conundrum now as people have to rethink where they're doing their school clothes shopping. I mean, where can you find jeans that don't have holes or rips or tears in them?

We took to Facebook and asked you where we can find jeans that are full...without holes. Here are a few of your answers.


If you're wanting to stay on the hip and trendy side of things, because we all know school is a fashion show as much as a place to learn, CB Boutique offers plenty of different options that don't have holes cut in them or look like a pair of scissors were rubbed up against them.

To make it even better, you're supporting a local Amarillo business.


So this was a place I shopped at when I was in high school, and they're still trendy today. Sure, they've got those holey jeans but they've got such a wide array of styles there, you're bound to find some without holes.

AE can be a bit on the pricier side, but they run deals all the time. Just keep your eyes out and visit Westgate Mall often to watch for their sales.


I know it seems that Gap has fallen a bit out of favor these days. I mean, when I was in school, Gap was a hot spot. However, you will find they do deals like the one below pretty often.

attachment-Gap Facebook


One thing this store is known for is its jeans. It was one of their very first marketing campaigns when they hit the scene, and people went flocking. Why? Because they were SUPER affordable, and because of it, became one of the "trendy" stores.


If you're ballin' on a budget, trying to get the most bang for your buck, or just don't care about being the "trendy" person, Walmart is a heck of a spot to go. You'll find tons of jeans (without holes) for $20 or less even.

Make sure to check the clearance racks wherever you go though because since the non-hole jeans aren't "trendy", they tend to be thrown on sale or clearance just to get them out of the store.

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