For the last eight years NASA's Opportunity Rover has been searching the Martian landscape for signs of water.  New evidence released today makes a convincing argument it was once there.

Like a television show running long past the duration of it's premise(I'm looking at you M*A*S*H) the Opportunity Rover has far outlived it's lifetime.  Opportunity along with it's twin, Spirit began their missions on Mars in 2004 to search for signs of ancient water on the Martian surface.  The missions were scheduled to last three months.

Spirit was declared dead last year but Opportunity is still seizing the chance to find traces of water.  Finding water is an important key in answering the question of extraterrestrial life.

In August a fracture in a rock was discovered that was mineral filled.  After analyzing the fracture with cameras and x/rays scientists have determined the vein is made from gypsum, the same used to make drywall.  They believe the gypsum was precipitated from water.

The search for water is important to the search for extraterrestrial lifeWithout water life as we know it cannot exist.

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