Look, we have to be getting tired of hearing stories like this coming out of Amarillo.

Constant tales of crimes, from theft, to assault, to murder. It seems it's a daily occurrence in our news cycle in the 806.

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Oh right, drugs. That's one that really seems to dominate the headlines here these days. How about we add yet another one to the tally for 2022.

On August 17, Amarillo RO agents were tipped off to a house they believe was acting as a stash house. A stash house, in case you don't know, is a house or building that is simply used to hide illegal goods, whether it be stolen items, drugs, etc.

Turns out that tip was correct. Yesterday, police raided an apartment off of Mirror St. and essentially found a treasure trove of drugs.

Inside the apartment, agents came across a stunning 26 bundles of methamphetamine, and a few other goodies as well including a couple of guns.

In case you were wondering how much 26 bundles of meth is, it equates to a bit over 12 kilograms. Street value per DEA puts that much meth at just under $1 million.

So with this latest massive bust, I have to ask the question when does it stop? In 2020, Amarillo was ranked as the 27th most dangerous city in the country when it comes to violent crime. In 2021, we ascended up the ranks again checking in as the 18th most dangerous city.

Amazingly, we aren't the most dangerous city in Texas. That honor belongs to Lubbock when it comes to crime in the city. There's just something about the panhandle that seems to breed crime.

Is there an end in sight? I'm tired of reading and writing about drugs and murder.

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