PHILADELPHIA (AP) — An autopsy is scheduled Friday on the body of a missing woman found inside a car that was parked near Philadelphia's main train station and had a number of parking tickets on the window.

The body of 22-year-old Nadia Malik of Delaware County's Marple Township was found Thursday near 30th Street Station. She had last been seen on Feb. 9.

Authorities said the car was first ticketed on Feb. 10 and ticketed repeatedly after it was towed on Valentine's Day because it was blocking snow removal.

But authorities said the body would've been hard to see in the fully-reclined passenger seat because of heavily tinted windows, a snow-covered windshield and a duffel bag atop the woman's head.

Investigators say they want to question Malik's boyfriend, who is awaiting extradition from Ohio. He hasn't been charged in the case.

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