How low can you go? Tim Storms might be tired of that question, but he’d probably be willing to bet you a large sum of money (if he’s a betting man) that he can sing a heck of a lot lower than you, or anyone you know, can.  Tim’s deep register is so low, in fact, that Guinness World Records named his voice as the lowest human voice on the planet.

Tim, who is a naturally gifted singer, also holds the world record for having the most expansive vocal range around, which stretches across an amazing 10 octaves. He found his talent for singing when he was a young boy, singing at a Christian summer camp. He kept on singing after that, because there was nothing else he'd rather do. His love for music eventually gave him the opportunity to sing with the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir.

When Storms lets his rich voice bottom out at its lowest levels, it resonates in frequencies human beings can’t even hear. Only certain animals, like elephants, can enjoy his tunes when he makes music and sounds at the lowest octave he's capable of.

An ear, nose and throat doctor once jammed a video scope into Tim’s nose (at Tim's request, of course), and down his throat. The doctor then informed the singer that his incredibly low voice came from the fact that his vocal chords were twice as long as the average Joe.

Without that unusual biological gift, Storms would never have been able to sing for elephants in a register only they can hear. Wonder if the elephants, given the opportunity, would appreciate the kinds of songs Tim might sing for them? Maybe something from 'The Lion King'?