Would you subscribe to some magazines to give homeless women shelter?

A group of scammers are asking some Amarillo residents that very question.  Amarillo Police have been made aware of a group of women going door-to-door soliciting magazine subscriptions.  According to the women, they are residents of the Downtown Women’s Center.  They claim they have to sale the subscriptions to keep their spot in the shelter.

Who knows?  I might renew my Reader’s Digest, grab a Sports Illustrated, maybe even travel the world with National Geographic, all to help these poor women.

Unfortunately, it’s a scam.

Representatives at the DTWC have assured the police and the public that no such fundraising effort is ongoing and they certainly wouldn’t make selling subscriptions to magazines a requirement to stay at the shelter.

Remember, every door-to-door solicitor must be permitted by the city and is required to produce it on request.  If they don’t have it, you are being scammed.

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