There is no better family day than spending the day at the Discovery Center.

I'll admit, this isn't an earth-shattering life hack. But in my opinion, if you can plan a little bit and save some cash it considered it a win!

On November 9th from 6:00pm - 9:00 pm the Don Harrington Discovery is opening their doors for just $1 a pop. Which means you can go just their new amazing exhibit "Rescue"  where you can learn about Search and rescue operations take place every minute, all over the world from the deepest parts of the ocean to the highest mountain top for less than a soda! Plus, don't forget about the classics like the Space Theater, Kinderstudio, and Critterrow!

On a normal night admission for adults is $14 and for kids, 3-17 is $9. For an average family that will be $42 in savings! Consider family night hacked!

To learn more you can go to or call (806) 355-9547

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