I know times are tough for a lot of us out there. Gas prices are through the roof, and still climbing, food prices have jumped and those grocery store trips have gotten a bit more expensive.

For some though, the tough times are different. Their tough times can be softened though, and here's how.

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Foster children have it quite possibly harder than a lot of us. These are children without a true family, true parents. Foster parents and families step up and believe me, they are so underappreciated by many.

To be able to give these children some sort of a semblance of a normal life is such a selfless move. However, there is a way we can ALL help.

The Amarillo Area CASA is on the prowl for some volunteers that can dedicate just 5-10 hours per month of their time to help some of these children out.

There are currently 37 children in the program that need people to help support and guide them through the foster care process. I can't imagine what it's like going through this process as a child as I never had to. Something tells me it's not easy mentally, no matter what age you are.

CASA is hoping to have these volunteers in place within the next month so they can help guide these children through getting ready for the next school year.

If this is something you'd be interested in, you can reach out to CASA’s Recruitment and Training Director Doug Hathcock at doug@amarillocasa.org. There are several training days to choose from in June and the session is approximately three and a half hours long.

You can get more info about Amarillo Area CASA here.

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