This dude had plans. Some serious plans.

Don Ana County Detention Center
Don Ana County Detention Center

The FBI is saying that John Thornton of Las Cruces had sent some text messages the threatened to kill President Joe Biden, overthrow the government, and even execute people at a computer company in Canada. Like I said, this dude had plans.

Thankfully none of his plans came to fruition. John Thornton, 39, has been charged:

with transmitting in interstate commerce communications containing any threat to injure the person of another, a violation of federal law.

Some of the messages sent by Thornton include:

Tell my concern their father is The revolutionary war general. 5 stars now. 5 stars after I execute Joe Biden for Treason.

We are taking the Hells Angel's d-wave quantum computer company and shotgun execute every single one of them for running MKTJLTRA

In the past few months, Thornton was active on social media making connections between a a Canadian computer firm to MK ULTRA. If you aren't familiar with MK ULTRA, it was an actual thing. It's now one of those stories that started as a tin-hat conspiracy theory but ended up being true. The government was basically drugging people without their knowledge. And it was some hardcore stuff too, like acid/LSD. There's a great show on Netflix that covers this topic that's a combination documentary and re-enactment called Wormwood.

Thornton was pretty adamant on social media linking D-Wave Systems Inc. to drugging people with with methamphetamine at the request of the government.


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