A quarterback with the last name of Rodgers should sound familiar to football fans -- perhaps you’ve heard of Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers? Aaron’s younger brother, Jordan Rodgers (Vanderbilt ‘13), looks to take the first step towards following in his brother’s very large NFL footsteps at the 2013 NFL Draft.

When the younger Rodgers wasn’t riding around town on his scooter, he led Vanderbilt to its first nine-win season since 1915 and a bowl victory. Jordan started 12 games for the Commodores in his senior season, passing for 2,539 yards and 15 touchdowns, ranking him in the top 10 single-season performances in school history.  His completion percentage of 59.5 percent was the highest percentage by a Vandy quarterback since Jay Cutler’s junior season.

In preparation for next week’s NFL Draft, we get “Up to Speed” with the Vanderbilt quarterback, who is projected as a sixth or seventh round pick.

What famous woman do you hope is watching you play?

Taylor Swift.

What’s the first thing you’ll buy if/when you sign your first pro contract?

I have a scooter; I don’t have a car. So, I’ll probably get a truck. I don’t need a flashy car, just four wheels and a pickup bed is good with me.

What’s your guilty pleasure song on your iPod?

Oh, it’s definitely every album Taylor Swift has. I used to listen to that pre-game all the time. People knew about it, but it’s probably not something that everybody would expect is on my pre-game iPod.

What’s something you can do in practice but could never do in a game?

My celebrations. I love to get extravagant and hilarious and out of the box and taunt some of my teammates in practice and just have fun with that, but coaches aren’t going to be happy with that, at least in college; you can get away with a little more of it in the NFL.

What’s the position you'd never play?

Probably linebacker. I can take a hit, but I’m not very good at giving a hit. I could hold my own at receiver or guarding a receiver but definitely in there banging heads every play, it’s not my style.

Will you collect your own memorabilia?

No, definitely not. We sign these cards, the Topps cards that have us in our jersey the other day, and I thought my picture looked terrible. I don’t want anything to do with it.

What’s your dream car?

Probably a Lamborghini. I’d never get one, but it would be the dream car.

What was your favorite poster on your wall as a kid?

 It was Ken Griffey Jr. I collected everything Ken Griffey Jr. My family loved Joe Montana, but I really just grew up watching my brother play. Baseball: it was Ken Griffey Jr. all the way. Seattle Mariners back in the day, had his cleats and everything.

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