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While you hate to see something like this happen, you have to somewhat expect it. At the very least, be fully aware it could happen.

Jazztober is officially done in 2020 and will be back in 2021.

It's been a rough year for the annual live music event. More than one week has had to be canceled this year, largely due to concerns regarding Amarillo's current Covid-19 status.

Next week's Jazztober performance has already been canceled. The reasons given for the cancellation include the current "red" status of Amarillo, but also the winter weather we're expecting as we head in to the early part of next week.

The weather is always an obstacle. During my first year living in Amarillo, I wanted to go check out Jazztober. It was free, there was Jazz, and I thought it would be a good way to kill a bit of time. Rain intervened and it was canceled.

This year not only did you have to worry about weather, but Amarillo is seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases. Our city has upped the status to level "red" which suggests not gathering in large groups.

It just seemed that Jazztober had an uphill battle just as it was kicking off for 2020.

It's a shame. There are a lot of people who really enjoy the weekly performances, and getting to be outdoors downtown.

The good news is that Jazztober will be back in 2021. Center City did make sure to add that to the announcement that the Jazztober performance for Oct 27 was canceled.

You can see the announcement and get more info here.

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