Getting on the road and going wherever you want is a huge milestone for a lot of teenagers. That moment of freedom is something you long for in all of those years leading up to that magical moment you go and take that driving test and leave with the ability to now drive on your own.

Driving is such a freeing moment in your life. It comes with a whole heck of a lot of responsibility. I think sometimes people don't really think about that. They think about being able to run out and grab a burger with friends. You think about the road trips.

You don't think about how that vehicle can become a dangerous weapon. Especially when people still get behind the wheel after a few drinks. You would think this wouldn't still be an issue. I mean there are so many safe ways to still be able to go out and celebrate without putting anyone in danger.

I mean when you drink and drive you not only are putting yourself in danger but also the many innocent people on the road that you may encounter. It really is not worth it when a simple $15 - $20 Uber ride can save the consequences that cost a heck of a lot more.

The Amarillo Police Department recently shared statistics about drinking and driving. Now these numbers are high. It's scary to think that this is not a yearly total. No, this is just what we have experienced in the month of April. Just thirty days in our city.

It's sad to see the number of repeat offenders on our mugshot pages. Is it that our punishments are not tough enough? What really is the answer? There are way too many arrests being made. There are way too many people thinking it's ok to drink and get behind the wheel. I mean it's a quick trip home.

That quick trip could lead to deaths. That is the bottom line and needs to be fixed. Numbers like this are not acceptable. Just like the Amarillo Police Department said in their post, Do Better Amarillo.

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