The Terrifying Encounter: Alligator Appears to Target Children Swimming in Texas Lake!

Why did the parents in the video at the bottom of this article let their kids swim in a lake that has signs posted near the lake warning of alligators?

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One commenter has an interesting theory:


The Heart-Pounding Encounter

The video opens with a shot of a gigantic alligator lumbering its way toward a group of children at a lake in Huntsville State Park in Texas.  Was it just checking them out, because it wasn't trying very hard if it was hungry? Folks in the comments section agree. 



Swim For Your Lives!

The group of kids in the water make a swim for the shore, with one kid jumping off the safety of the huge dock they were on. If that gator wanted to, it absolutely could have caught that kid.


The Swift Response

As the gator closes in, someone's mom comes out with a paddle board and scares off the alligator. Everyone makes it to shore and no one is injured.  

Check out the video for below:



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